This afternoon I had the honor of photographing the Burreson Family!  They invited me over to their private property to take some amazing pictures of their beautiful family!  Their daughter’s sweet 16 birthday is right around the corner, so we squeezed in a little mini-birthday-session, that included an incredible old rustic piano and her first pair of cowboy boots!  I couldn’t wait to edit a few and share with y’all just a taste of what went down today!

IMG_9188 IMG_9189-web IMG_9194-web IMG_9207-web IMG_9230-web IMG_9258-web

Last night  I had a blast taking pictures at Heidi’s sweet 16 birthday party!  She and her friends were lots of fun, it was hard to narrow down pictures to post!

IMG_5040-web IMG_5049-web IMG_5064-web IMG_5068-web IMG_5090-web IMG_5095-web IMG_5110-web IMG_5117-web IMG_5126-web



I’m so excited to share my latest Party Booth pictures! hosts an annual summer BBQ for their employees and invited me to come out to join in on the fun this year.  Everyone is so nice and ready to jump in on the pictures!  The only thing I would’ve wished went better was having the temperature below the 108 degrees mark – it was HOT HOT HOT!

IMG_4486-web IMG_4497-web IMG_4526-web IMG_4531-web IMG_4554-web IMG_4596-web IMG_4600-web IMG_4632-web IMG_4650-web IMG_4658-web IMG_4662-web IMG_4663-web IMG_4695-web IMG_4719-web IMG_4727-web IMG_4734-web IMG_4742-web IMG_4746-web IMG_4768-web IMG_4816-web IMG_4873-web IMG_4880-web IMG_4887-web IMG_4903-web IMG_4913-web IMG_4932-web IMG_4945-web IMG_4954-web

I’ve been enjoying the trend lately, seeing my friends post their oldie-but-goodie pictures from years ago on “Throwback Thursday”!   Since I’ve been the one taking many of the pictures through the years, it’s very difficult to find images of me!  Feeling nostalgic, I decided to show off a few of my pictures from when I first started taking pictures for other people.  I cannot believe how far I’ve come in 5 years, while multi-tasking as a stay-at-home-mommy and re-building my business in a new city!  I have appreciated each and every one of my clients and friends for their support and endless grace with my shortcomings!

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