I am happy to introduce to you the sweetest little man, Oliver!   He is super snuggly and sleepy at just 17 days old.   It was lots of fun having him and his mom & dad in the studio this past week!

IMG_0680-web IMG_0702-copy

Yesterday I went into the studio to take my girls’ back to school portraits!  I really love how these turned out and can’t wait to get them printed out for everyone in the family.  These will be a great alternative to the traditional school portraits that never really capture the spirit of my girls.  We had so much fun being silly, listening to music and spending quality time together!

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Because this session with the girls was SO MUCH FUN, I’ve decided to open up the studio to YOU!  For limited times on 8/23 or 8/30, you can get some great portraits of your school age child(ren).   To schedule your session before anyone grabs it up, go ahead and CONTACT ME!


I am thrilled to share this session with you!  Sweet little Lilly is 1 already and boy has she grown up!  I just adore her curly hair and bright personality.  Brother came along to join in the fun and was a great assistant too.  Lilly is so smitten with her older brother and was smiling at most everything he did, up until he started eating her cake at the end!


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I was so honored to be able to spend time with Little Miss B yesterday afternoon in the studio.  She is so little and so sweet at 3 weeks old.  I loved the cute outfits her mom brought and got some great shots of her!  Here’s a favorite from the session.  Looking forward to sharing more soon!


When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?

A question posed by Dove in their latest video.  I have really loved what Dove has been presenting the past few years, really focusing on encouraging women to stop believing the lies that they’re not “enough”.  As a photographer, it’s difficult to get around my clients’ pre-conceived ideas that they’re not worthy of getting their pictures taken – saying their hair/makeup/weight/clothes, etc. aren’t perfect or “camera ready”.

Everyone has a unique element that makes them beautiful, and I love that this video helps to remind us all of that fact!

I am super excited to share these pictures with y’all!  Miss M is so sweet and happy, taking her pictures was just a joy!  She came ready with super cute outfits and that awesome smile.   I think my favorite is the look on her face after the taste of the cake soaks in to her tongue, it’s an expression I think we all have the first time tasting Lovely Layers Cakery goodies.


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This morning I had the honor of meeting and photographing Mr. Cooper!  He is so sweet and oh so handsome!  I am super excited to edit this batch of pictures, and can’t wait to post many more from this session!



I’m super excited to share some great pictures from my very first studio session!  Little Miss A came prepared to smile big for my camera and celebrate her 1st birthday a few days early.  Lovely Layers Cakery provided the smash cake for the session, and I have to admit I wanted to dig in and help Miss A eat that cake!  Being in the studio for this session was so much fun!  We turned on some music, kicked off our shoes and were able to be relaxed and comfortable, which helped Miss A focus on having fun!


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For the past 4-ish years, I’ve been dreaming, waiting, wishing and hoping that one day I would be able to offer sessions in a studio space.  That dream was one of the driving forces in offering the Party Booth (portable studio sessions).   A month or so ago a fellow photographer friend of mine approached me to ask if I would consider sharing a studio space with her.  After seeing the space and praying a lot about it, Jeff and I decided that it was the perfect next step for my business!  The papers were signed yesterday and I get to “move in” next week!  I’m putting together new session packages and specials in the meantime so be looking for those in the next week or so!  I can’t wait to start “working” in the new studio and am super excited to see where my photography grows from here!  Yesterday I took a couple snapshots of the space so y’all can see how amazing it is inside!

Downstairs Gallery

Downstairs Gallery

Upstairs Studio1

Upstairs Studio1

Upstairs Studio2

Upstairs Studio2

This past Saturday I got to bring the booth to Jason’s 40th birthday party bash with a Casino Theme.  His friends and family are so amazing, and the party was super fun!  Elvis even showed up!  🙂  I hope you enjoy the latest pics from the Party Booth.

IMG_5968-web IMG_5984-web IMG_5986-web IMG_6145-web IMG_5998-web IMG_6015-web IMG_6043-web IMG_6046-web IMG_6048-web IMG_6128-web IMG_6058-web IMG_6064-web IMG_6067-web IMG_6142-web IMG_6076-web IMG_6080-web IMG_6089-web IMG_6105-web IMG_6117-web IMG_6120-web IMG_6144-web IMG_6132-web IMG_6125-web IMG_6143-web IMG_6168-web