Last week Chico had their annual Air Show.  I’ve never been to an air show before, and wasn’t particularly interested in making the effort to go until the night before when everyone was practicing.  The house we live in right now is located almost adjacent to the airport so the planes were doing come crazy moves right above us!  The next day we took the girls in their wagon wagon and car over to a small access road to watch the show.  I really loved every minute of it!  It was great to spend some low key time with Jeff and the girls – felt wonderful to be together doing something cool!  It was very difficult for me to narrow down the amount of images!  I hope they help communicate the essence of the show and how awesome it was!  Thanks for stopping by!

10 years ago Jeff asked me out on a date, after having come in to the deli I worked at for about a year as a regular customer.  Once we started dating, we were inseperable, soulmates from the start!  Our first camping trip together was in Fort Bragg, on a cold, wet weekend (pic above!).  It didn’t phase us much, just made it MUCH harder to cook our meals via bbq.  Here we are, 10 years later, celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary camping in the Redwoods (just north of Eureka, CA).  It was raining on us the entire time, but at least it wasn’t as cold!  I smartened up and remembered to bring an umbrella, so the fire would burn faster and hotter.  🙂  It was instrumental in giving me the ability to take any pics over the 3 days.  It was such an awe-inspiring weekend, dwarfed by the giant trees and landscapes.  It was so peaceful and wonderful to be back to the basics with everything in my life!  Here are my favorites from the weekend. 

Here’s us now…2 days in the rain, totally non-glamerous (and un-edited, yikes!), still totally in love and happy to be alive!

Last month I was completely humbled and honored with the privelage of being the photographer and witness to James and Laura’s wedding ceremony in Caspar, CA (small town inbetween Fort Bragg and Mendocino).  I arrived  mid-afternoon to capture some detail shots of the house they rented and to take them out on a pre-ceremony session.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky – even from the minute I woke up that morning it was crystal clear!  I was told that the sun hadn’t shown like that in months, so I definately took it as a blessing on the day from God!  🙂  The wind was sure blowing though, there were SEVERAL shots where Laura’s long hair whipped James in the face or stood straight up  from the force of it all!  I was stopped dead in my tracks several times that afternoon with how loving and attentive James is to Laura.  They’re such a special couple with a soft and quiet spirit.   James & Laura, I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to get to know the two of you better and I’m so excited to be able to present you with your pictures from the day.  I hope they’re all you hoped they’d be and help you to relive the day for many years to come!  Congratulations on your marriage!   Here are a few of my favorites from the day…

And if you still didn’t see enough, here’s their slideshow!  🙂  Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any photographs for yourself at

Yesterday we celebrated Samantha’s 3rd birthday over at my mom and dad’s house.  We kept it simple and had the immediate family over.  From the minute she woke up, she was celebrating her birthday!  I purchased a new princess dress for her to wear all day and she was sooooo super excited to put it on!  My sister made the cake, and oh man was it amazing!  All in all, it was a great day – I know Samantha loved every second of it.  She’s got down her “cheezy” smile and expressed it all day long every time she saw a camera in her face (thanks Kris for capturing one on my camera!).   Here are the highlights from the day….


I know this is a little overkill of Chloe – but she’s actually making eye contact with the camera again!!  I’m excited about that and wanted to celebrate it a bit.  🙂  I also caught a bit of a picture I took of her when she was a baby – I’ve got to find the original pic, so once I do I’ll do another post to show how much she’s grown over the past 4 years!  🙂

This afternoon the girls and I met up with Auntie Em for some ice cream and downtown fountains.  We all love our time together, and have now started a little bitty tradition.  When the girls heard we were meeting up for Ice Cream, they immediately asked me if we were going to the fountains afterwards.  Last time we went Em and I had to convince the girls it was OKAY to run thru the water with their clothes on.  Today?  They ran way ahead of us and were completely drenched from head to toe by the time we caught up with them!  Here are my two favorites from the day.  🙂

Samantha was showing Em how excited she was, but was upset with how cold her wet clothes were making her feel!

Chloe totally dived in from the get-go!  I’m so glad I got this shot of her!  She was sooooo happy!

Spiders and I have a Love/Hate relationship.  I truly think they’re beautiful and love most everything about them – but they creep me out!  I didn’t grow up with a phobia of spiders, I think it started after watching the movie Arachniphobia.   That movie pretty much sealed the deal on any exotic tropical island vacations for me!   Well lately there’s been an amazing web directly out our front door that lights up between 9-11AM when the sun is peaking over the tops of the trees.  I’ve done a few ‘sessions’ to try and get the crystal clear focus on the web strands, but have never seen the spider – until today.  This morning, I was in a hurry to get out the door to run some kid-free errands, and when I bolted out the front door and looked up to see if the web was still there, I was frozen in awe at the huge, wicked spider hanging out in the middle.  🙂  I turned around, unlocked the door and went to get my camera… 30 minutes later I was back on my way out the door. 

  I’m so glad I took the time to capture this guy as he (and the great light on the web) was gone after I got back.  These are almost straight out of the camera – all I did was boost the contrast a bit to help bring out his colors and the web.   If you have any idea what type of spider this is, I’d love to know – especially if it’s NOT the kind that will bite with venom!

A week or so ago I had the honor of taking pictures of the Symanek Family in Roseville!  Being back down there was so nice and the Delta Breeze was a great treat!  It was still VERY hot and challenging to relax and have fun (we were basically the only people outside).  I managed to squeak out some great shots of these guys and wanted to share a couple of my favorites from the early-evening hour a.k.a the hottest part of the day.  I had a blast with the girls, trying to get them to stay still for the camera..reminded me of my little one here at home.   🙂  I loved getting to know you guys and hope that it’s not the last time we get to hang out! 

A few weeks back I had the honor and privelage to be the photographer for the amazing Molly & Eben Drews over at Bayliss Ranch in Biggs!   The Lavendar was in full bloom and it was amazing to be surrounded by it!  I’ve got a lot of work still ahead editing all the images, but I wanted to take a break to share a sneak peek of what’s in front of me while I’m sitting in front of my computer.  🙂

I took the studio booth to Roseville recently to do a portrait party for my good friends down there.  It was so much fun hanging out with these ladies and getting all dolled up!  Shelby is a rep for Stella & Dot and brought some amazing jewlery for everyone to use.  Everyone looked amazing thanks to Stacey’s handy make-up work!  After we were all done with the pics, they all went out on the town and stayed out LATE!   I mean, come on, why go to bed and waste a night that youand your friends look amazing!  This is exactly what the Portrait Parties are all about – having a fabulous girls night together and getting some beautiful pictures to show for it!