So I tackled my very first paper-piecing block yesterday, and finished it today. I’m very happy with the results – and YES MOM, I designed it. Although, it’s not much of a stretch to design something so plain, I’m willing to take credit for it nonetheless! This mixed my two favorites in the quilting world – batiks and Compass designs. Something about them just make me at happy.

We went up to Chico this past weekend to attend my 10 year High School reunion. All I can say is WOW. It’s the weirdest thing to be in a room filled with people that you “know”, but aren’t currently friends with. I felt compelled to go up to each of them and become reacquainted, but became instantly transformed to the person I was back then – shy and withdrawn. I spent the majority of the night sitting with Jeff just watching the crowd of 100+ talk with each other and catch up with their lives. Honestly, how do you go up to somebody you were never really ever friends with and interrupt their conversation to say “Hi there, nice to see you again. I know you don’t know me and probably don’t recognize me, but I remember SEEING you in High School…..” AWKWARD!!!! I really enjoyed watching the slide show of everyone showing their before and after pictures. I had a wonderful evening out with my husband and am really glad I went. One thing I learned though, is I want my girls to have a better experience all-around. I want to be sure to encourage them to be active in sports and clubs/groups, to be confident & outgoing and not be afraid to make friends. I hope when their 10 year reunion comes around, they’ll have more people to “catch up” with and not be filled with regret for having been a wallflower for the majority of their teenage years! This weekend gave me good opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come – I have friends NOW, and they’re all amazing people too!! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and am excited to experience the next decade of my life with my family and friends.

My parents watched the girls for us, and have recently adopted a new dog. His name is Miter, and is going to be dad’s shop dog. He met the girls for the first time this weekend, and couldn’t be more comfortable with them. He even let Chloe pet and play with him! So here’s a few pics I got of the girls for the weekend…. 🙂

I filled up the pool this afternoon so the girls and I could cool off from the summer heat. It was Samantha’s first time in the little kiddie pool, and boy did she enjoy it!!! Chloe kept showing off by jumping in and splashing really big. Thought I’d share the love…

I’m really starting to love how close the girls are in age! Chloe has really started bonding with Samantha and giving her lots of hugs and kisses! Here’s a few moments I’ve caught recently…

Chloe found that dancing for Samantha got her LOTS of attention from everyone!

Chloe was putting a bowl on Samantha’s head.. BOTH of them thought it was the greatest game ever invented. 🙂

This weekend we traveled up to Chico to celebrate my father’s 52nd birthday. My girls are so blessed to have such a young papa! We had a fantastic time. Here are some pictures from the weekend and a video message from Chloe.

What a flirt Samantha was during dinner!

Chloe putting Bread Crumbs in Samantha’s hair.
Nothing like sisterly love!

Papa shared his cake with Chloe… she couldn’t shovel it in her mouth fast enough!

Ball battles…Chloe won!

Samantha LOVED the pool..
It was great to visit with Grandma Joan and Papa Harold too!